Outspoken for 4-H

Thirteenth Annual Ride: July 15-17, 2016

After an initial assessment of the tentative route associated with 2016 Outspoken for 4-H, it has been determined that the ride will be canceled for 2016. Some of the roads being used for the route were closed this past weekend and the surrounding areas associated with the roads will not be in ideal condition in less than three weeks. The safety of our riders and crew members are of utmost importance and we cannot ensure the same level of safety that we have provided in years past. Mother nature has caused too much damage to our roadways across the state.

We are contacting all riders and crew members who were planning on participating this year to inform them of this decision. We will also communicate directly with the counties who offered to provide support and accommodations during the ride. We will work with donors who have already contributed to the ride for this year to ensure their donations are used as intended or forwarded on to support riders in a future Outspoken event. We appreciate all of the support that our donors provide to our 4-H program through Outspoken. Outspoken has always been an event where individuals and communities contribute financially and in-kind through food and supplies to help our 4-H program. Areas in our state are in much greater need now and in the weeks ahead. Regular contributions from supporters of Outspoken can be concentrated on helping flood victims across West Virginia.

Thank you for your support of our ride and all you are doing to help support West Virginia…

Brent A. Clark
Program Director – 4-H Youth Development

What is Outspoken?

A bike ride through various West Virginia counties to raise money and awareness for W.Va. 4-H and W.Va. State 4-H Camps.

Who participates?

We have volunteers of all ages and all experience levels. Some of our riders picked up the sport just to participate in this ride. Our crew is made up of the most dedicated volunteers and medical staff.

Why we ride?

No one is turned away from camp due to inability to pay. Youth, parents, Extension faculty, staff and volunteers all pitch in to fundraise and make the magic of camp possible for any West Virginia youth. Money that cyclists raise goes toward supporting 4-H programs, mostly 4-H scholarships to State 4-H camps.

Money Raised

The goal of the ride is to raise $15,000 to support 4-H programs, scholarships and camps.

Support 4-H’s Outspoken riders

Learn about the Outspoken Bike Route and make plans to greet the riders and crew along the route. The route, as well as a list of riders and crew will be updated soon.

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