Outspoken for 4-H

Eleventh Annual Ride: June 12-15, 2014

Save the dates and make plans to attend and support this 4-H event that treks through nine West Virginia counties.

What is Outspoken?

A bike ride for through 11 West Virginia Counties to raise money and awareness for WV 4-H and WV State 4-H Camps.

Who participates?

We have volunteers of all ages and all experience levels. Some of our riders picked up the sport just to participate in this ride. Our crew is made up of the most dedicated volunteers and medical staff.

Why we ride?

No one is turned away from camp due to inability to pay. Youth, parents, Extension faculty, staff and volunteers all pitch in to fundraise and make the magic of camp possible for any West Virginia youth. Money that cyclists raise goes toward supporting 4-H Programs, mostly 4-H Scholarships to State 4-H Camps.

Money Raised

This year our group has set a goal to raise $20,000.

Support 4-H’s Outspoken riders

Learn about the 2014 Outspoken Bike Route and make plans to greet the riders and crew along the route. 2014 Route & Riders & Crew will be updated soon.

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